Garage Floor Epoxies

San Diego Custom Painting is a reliable name in indoor and outdoor paint, epoxy flooring, and other related services. Hiring us is a better choice based on the quality of work, costs of the project, and reliability.

Epoxy Expertise

Be it a commercial garage or one in your residence; it needs to be attractive. If the floor of a garage looks dirty and uncared for, then you need to work on it. A Useable garage doesn’t mean one with scratched and broken floors; rather, it needs to be in the best possible condition. San Diego Custom Painting offers various services, one of which is epoxy flooring.

We offer epoxy services so that your garage floor coatings look well, and you don’t feel down seeing a worn-out floor. A clean and sleek garage floor is not only good in appearance but is also in the best interests of your car. If the floor is broken and looks dirty, you might be spending much time cleaning it. Why not saving time and installing epoxy flooring?

Our experts have experience in epoxy garage flooring. They will install a new epoxy flooring to ensure that it looks good and is safe for your car. In contrast to concrete, using epoxy flooring saves you from cleaning dirt on a daily basis and keeps the car track clean.  Our professionals’ years of expertise in epoxy for basement floors make us the best choice for safety from moisture and odors.

Hire us, and we will solve your garage floor problems!

Our Epoxy Services

Professional flooring will save you from many problems. You won’t have to worry about the moisture, cracks, odors, etc., in your garage. It won’t cause dirt to accumulate in your care. We at San Diego Custom Painting offer different epoxy services like garage floor coatings etc. Here are some of these.

1.Signature Polyaspartic Floor

Polyaspartic Floor is a new addition to epoxies and is much better than its competitor products. Its comparison to typical epoxy flooring shows that it is more durable and resistant to abrasion. Though the costs of installation and purchase of material and higher, it is worth them.

During installation, it is odorless and doesn’t need the worker to wear any protective gear. It is one of our recommended services because of the customer trust. You, too, can hire us for a Polyaspartic floor, and our professionals will install it for you at affordable costs.

2.Solid Epoxy Floor

This is the most basic epoxy flooring we offer. It is mainly industrial-grade but can also be used as basement floor epoxy. The credit goes to its durability. Its durability can be guessed from the warranty, which is up to nine years. This doesn’t need water or other solvents while being installed. So, there would be no evaporation and no chances of weakness.

Its installation doesn’t cause any harm because of zero evaporation of any toxic chemicals. It is resistant to abrasion, chemicals, stains, and other harm. If it is properly installed, then it remains intact for more than 20 years. Hire our professionals and make your worries come to an end in garage flooring.

3.Decorated Marbled Epoxy Floor

Every customer wants their floor to be unique from the people. This is done in the form of colors, designs, and the types of epoxy that we apply to the floor. People go for marbled epoxy in order to get unique designs. People like it because of the warranty that it offers, which ranges to roughly fifteen years. It has to be applied in one coat more than is usually needed for epoxy. This prevents slipping and is an additional core for safety.

Most users go for this floor above Polyaspartic one. Both of them, together, ensure the durability of the floor.

4.Repair of Broken Epoxy Floor

If your basement/garage floor is broken, then basement floor epoxy can work for you well. If there are cracks and the floor is chipping, then the epoxy repair will definitely work for you. Our workers have experience of working on severely broken floors. They have not only renovated them but made them on par with new floors.

Contact us, and our professionals will visit the damaged site. After a detailed view of the place, we will give you an estimate of the costs and time that the project will take.

Working According to Your Needs

We work keeping in mind the needs of the customer. We ensure that the customer gets the best quality work in the least possible budget. Our previous projects are proof of our quality. Our customers recommend us to those who need epoxy work.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Choose the right contractor by getting quotes. Ours will be the best based on offer the quality of work we offer. Get in touch with us and benefit from our amazing offers. Our customer care is available both online and, on the phone, to take care of your needs.